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Club News

NST works year round, please join and support the Nick Stoner Trailers. Meeting dates and times can be found on the meetings page. Checkout the Sponsors page for a list of event supporters. Club apparel can be purchased by contacting Jeff Dutcher at (518) 848-4542. Shirts, hoodies and fleeces make great gifts for friends and family.We want to thank our members for supporting the Club. We also want to thank and acknowledge our event sponsors.


In 1974 a group of snowmobile enthusiasts from the Caroga Lake area formed the Nick Stoner Trailers Snowmobile Club to improve trails and promote the sport. Since then the club has become an icon to the local community and has grown slowly but steadily. This web site is an effort to reach out to more people to let them know about the club and the trail system in the Caroga area. Like us on Facebook.

Nick Stoner Trailers would like to thank all property owners that have allowed us access:

  • Town of Caroga
  • Caroga Fish and Game Club
  • Caroga Lake Fire Department
  • Caroga Lake Historical Museum
  • Mr. George Abdella
  • Mr. Ronald Ambrosino
  • Mr. Thomas Baird
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tim Best
  • Mrs. Pat Best
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Blackton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Busch
  • Mrs. Millie Busch
  • Mr. Aleksandr Chuduk
  • Mr. Kenneth Felthousen
  • Mrs. Greta Frasier
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rick Gilmour
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fahy
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Holly
  • Ms. Erin Imgruth
  • Mr. Joseph Insogna
  • Mr. John Ivancic
  • Mr. David Falvo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harold King
  • Mr. &  Mrs. David Kruger
  • Mrs. Sabra Molter
  • Mr. John Nalli
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Hearty
  • Caroga Arts Collective
  • Mr. Rick Ruby
  • Mr. & Mrs. Butch Scribner
  • Mr. Christopher Snell and Ms. Heather Smith
  • Mr. Ronald Sturgas
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Subik
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sullivan
  • Mr. Richard Wasuary
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bushey
  • Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Smith
  • Mr. Jeremy Manning

If you have photos from club events please email them to nickstonertrailers@frontier.com so we can add them to our photo album on Facebook. Please identify members, dates and locations.